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I am Tanvir Shaikat

web developer

Hi everyone!

Currently, I'm assigned as a web programmer in Techolutions BD & Techolutions Global

I was introduced to programming 4 years ago at the beginning of CSE journey. Though I made most of my progress in the last 2 years, I've coded in different languages including PHP, Java, HTML, Javascript, C and more.

I'm really interested in web development, notably WordPress and Laravel.

Hope to meet some of you and be of help in any way.


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  • Name : Tanvir Shaikat
  • Birthdate : October 18, 1993
  • Mobile : +88 (017) 11113853
  • Skype : shaikat201
  • Email : ta.shaikat@gmail.com
  • Website : tanvirshaikat.com
  • Address : Lalbagh, Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh



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Resume – Personal Info

A Complete Resume For You


  • Web Programmer 2017 - Now
    Techsolutions BD

    Assigned as a Web Programmer in Techsolutins-BD to develop most of the web application and backend activities of any static design.

  • Full Stack Developer 2014 - Now

    Started working there as a responsive web designer for the very first time. But after 2015 to till now work for web developing as a professional web developer and skilled codeigniter developer.


  • Bachelor of Engineering in CSE 2013 - 2016
    Daffodil International University

    Graduated on Bachelor of Science from Daffodil International University on Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Higher Secondary Certificate 2009 - 2011
    Birsrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Rifles College

    Studied and passed HSC in Birsrestha Munshi Abdur Rouf Rifles College with a very disciplined routine in a cantonment area and everything was awesome even more than I expressed.


  • Online OCR Converter 2013 - 2014

    The software can convert a english writing image to a word and a pdf file where the the letters are seperated as alphabetic.

  • Onepage creative portfolio theme 2012 - 2013

    Got a satisfied second price award from 561 competitor.

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Basic Android
Web to android
Google SEO
Wordpress SEO

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Client reference

  • “Honest, fast and talented web expert. Got me excited about our non-profit organization site development”

    DR.Nazrul Islam, MB3 founder
  • “Tanvir is absolutely wonderful to work with.I appreciate that the work was delivered on time and as promised!”

    Ivett ODonnell, Upwork Client
  • “Thank you for Great Work Tanvir. We will definitely resume on it”

    Tom Patrick, Upwork Client


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Laravel File Sharing

PHP, Laravel


Online Quiz with Facebook Login

PHP Scripts





BSC Final Year Project

Codeigniter, Tution Provider


Checkout Calculator

PHP Scripts



PHP Calculator


Authentication with Social Login

PHP Scripts


Cognalys Mobile Number Verification

PHP Scripts


Students Result Management



Non-Profit Organization

Wordpress Website


Real Estate Project

PHP Website


Birthday Wish

Design Javascript


HTML5 Ballon Clicker Game

HTML5, Javascript


Solar System by OpenGl



Web to Android App

Design, Android

Laravel file sharing with user management

Project Description

The following project is developed on laravel framework for sharing file included jpg,png,rar,zip,pdf,mp3 extension. With a simple sign in users can easily manage their sharing activity through logged in. Then every uploading and sharing option in their hand.

Basically I live this project with some limitation like max file size 2mb and 3 files can be uploaded for demostration purposes. But it can be extended as you want.

When you are going to share there you have four options download, link, embeded and send through email. And this is the way you can spread your file and link even sharing through facebook, twitter and google plus.

PHP Online Quiz through Facebook Login

Project Description

This project can be used to create quiz by both admin and user by logging in their account. Registration is very easy, just need to permission of users facebook account. After login user can choose a quiz to participate on it either he/she can create a quiz and go with it. For quiz making, user has to select a quiz cover picture and a multiple question with multiple answer for the right answer.

Then user can write the marks distribution on the results fields depending on quiz result. And finally when someone is going to answer the question select for a right answer he will get the result.

Basically this is a user dependent online quiz system that can be monitored by admin. Even bad words for quiz won't be approved by admin.

Admin & User based blog on CMS System

Project Description

This is a completely raw cms project based on object oriented php and bootstrap frontend. Front page show you the login features and approved posts written by admin or subscriber. First search ensure you the exact result from your keyword tag.

Logged in as a admin allow you write, edit and delete posts, users. Approved and unapproved comments is in your control too.

Admin is approval is not necessary for now for demostration purpose. So, you can checkout now.

Codeigniter Tution Provider for Teacher Student-Tution Platform

Project Description

This is my BSC final year project to manage the tution procedure in Bangladesh. Here Tutor can finds the student searching their needs, location, subjects. As well as students can find their tutor searching their location, experience, graduation level, tution types etc.

For full feature both tutor and student need to register and login their account for free. Then both can post their require ments that will be filtered and shown in Tutors and Students page.

This project has been done and live. To watch it visit the link from the expanded url.

Checkout Calculator for auto calculate product price for payment

Project Description

Using this project if someone want to sell their services/products with online payment this one is exactly for him/her. User can select the multiple services and the prices for thoose services will be automatically calculated and procced to Checkout.

In Checkout page user need to fulfill their address and security issue by agreed theit terms and condition that finally take user to payment page. Here I integrate Paypal payment only for testion purpose. Client can use their payment method for their own choice.

This one is very easy to use and setup in database.

Online Calculator Based ON OO-PHP

Project Description

We use a calculator almost everyday in different sector. Now just think about if it is a just url, how is it? yes, it is just an url to use a calculator. You are in a pc or mobile with wifi or less data can use this calculator.

Object Oriented PHP is used in this simple calculator mostly others are html and a little bit css and javascript where button value is fixed.

Mathmatical term is also defined through php predefined function, you can try it yourself

Authentication with Social and email Login

Project Description

Most of the time user is getting bored to register with email, password, verification. For them and easy register social login is very simple to use. Here just need the app permission. And using this login system user can get their secured welcome page.

To setup this project admin need his facebook,google,twitter api key and access token, thats it.

Secure a page is no more a hard procedure for registed user. And when it is available with facebook, twitter and google login it is more user friendly.

Mobile Number Verification using Cognalys for Free

Project Description

This is a project to verify users mobile number , may be for a registration for any security reason. But for verifying method owner have to pay a big amount. But Cognalys api id make it easy for single use. Just need to configure the congig file to receive the users data and verification.

User have to select country code with flag, filling number, email and name. That's it to get a message on his/her mobile with the6 digit verification number.

Using this method save your extra cost but enhance your server security.

Students Result Management Controlled by Admin

Project Description

View page allow you to see the results of a specific section or class. But inserttion will be done bu admin(Teacher) from the insert page. After inserting data of a student, it will be available on the result page.

For any change if admin want to modify or edit the data he can modify by clicking on the modify button selection specific roll.

This is a very simple result management system for class 6 to 10.

MB3 Foundation - A non-profit Organization

Project Description

Developed this site for a non-profit organization to maintain their activity online for the institution. Their have a brief description of their services to poor people of Bangladesh. Donation system is available in this project which is controlled by the admin of this project.

Their have 3 diffenr types of blog category for different purpose. Registration, login and verification for contrubutors are also available their.

It was a excellent experience with DR. Nazrul Islam to work with it.

Real Estate Project in Kenya

Project Description

To maintain Kenyan rent and sell home, apartments etc. the project was builded. Their have some available feature of searching property by searching price range, location, bedroom, dinningroom etc. Mortgage calculator calculate the auto payment of the property for users choice.

Live chat is available to chat with homachap client with a a very satisfied feature. No email nedded to start chat without simply name. Here IP is the Primary key to monitor users location.

Otherwise the agents of that company post their properties and maintain their services for the user.

Birthday Wish for my Favourite Teacher

Project Description

It was a birthday wish for my idol to surprise him. There have some feature to celebrate a virtual birthday celebrating.

Though he lives far away from our country so why try to wish him differently.

Light, Music, Ballons, Cake, Candle, Banners are available :)

HTML5 Ballon squeezing Game to Score High

Project Description

This is a simple Ballon squeezing by clicking mouse touch the ballon and score will be up gradually. More click on ballone more score. But the click ballon in the center get bonus score.

It can be easily played just from a web address.

Solar System Model in C using OpenGl

Project Description

Did this project to make a graphical interface of solar system using opengl in graphic lab final.

Used codeblocks to programme for C.

In the visual interface after running all the platet moves arround the sun in different orbital.

Web to android App Conversion for my own blog

Project Description

Developed this android app using webframe in xml file in android studio. But there have a opening screen with the fullscreen covered where site site loading appear. And after loading my blog site opened in an app.

Internet or wifi connection is needed to succesfully run the app.

Even it was my first android app development for my own blog.


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